Finally some decent jewellery

July 29, 2008

I saw the coolest jewellery at Vogues website where they presented some pendants from Louisa Guinness. The pendants are the coolest I have seen for a really long time. Some of them are shaped lika frozen strawberry, which is pretty unique.My background in the jewellery business always attracts me to look for new jewellery 🙂 I do not have that many things in gold but I have invested some money buying some diamonds. I am also interested in a special kind of jewellery called Frey Wille. I simply love the design because the motives are so unusual and not many women and men have discovered this kind of jewellery 🙂


Dubai and Sidney moving up on the fashion list

July 22, 2008

I just read an interesting article on yahoo showing that cities such as Sidney and Dubai are moving up on the list of most mentioned fashion cities. The top cities still dominating the list are New York, London, Milano, Paris and Rome. I knew that Milano is really important but I never figured out that Rome was so hot.

In Asia Tokyo is of course on the top of the list but is getting more challenged from Hong kong. Tokyo is on the 10th place right now slipping down from 6th place.

Here is the complete list:

1. New York (1)

2. Rome (2)

3. Paris (3)

4. Milan (5)

5. London (4)

6. Los Angeles (6)

7. Sydney (12)

8. Las Vegas (9)

9. Berlin (11)

10. Tokyo (6)

11. Hong Kong (8)

12. Dubai (24)

13. Shanghai (14)

14. Singapore (10)

15. Madrid (New)

16. Moscow (16)

17. Santiago (19)

18. Melbourne (15)

19. Stockholm (New)

20. Buenos Aires (22)

21. Johannesburg (23)

22. Mumbai (18)

23. Cape Town (New)

24. New Delhi (New)

25. Barcelona (13)

I really find it interesting that Dubai is climbing on the list but I guess it is due the amount of money spent in Dubai boosting up the interest and the position on this list. Once the people in Dubai put their minds into something they just want to be no. 1. So lets wait and see …

People in line one week before the Iphone release

July 21, 2008

Check this out. People in line, sleeping and eating for one week outside the apple shop just to get hold on the new Iphone .. CRAZY

Iphone as fashion gadget?

July 15, 2008

I just read an article about Apple selling 1.000.000 Iphones in the first weekend it was relased. That is crazy, madness, call it whatever you like. the goal of Apple is to sell 10 million copies of that phone before the end of 2008, which is pretty soon i guess!!

The thing that I do not understand is why does people want to have these phones. Is it because they want it as a new gadget, show off or really using it like it should be used, intensively? I know a lot of friends that I know have stopped buying clothes because they to save money and get that freaking phone… My friend Thomas who always had the latest clothing, bags and shoes have suddenly stopped buying clothes and is putting all his energy to get these new Apple stuff.

I can only say that this is madness but you know what? I dont even have an mp3 player, ipod or whatever you want to call it and I am happy about it ..

New bag collection at Elle

July 10, 2008

I guess the interest for fashionable bags is increasing and everywhere I go I see advertisments for bags. Even small girls are nowadays carrying big big bags, even bigger they are. Small handbags are being replaced by such big bags that a woman can have clothes for whole weekend in it. I recently checked out the latest bag fashion att ELLE and I suprised to see that the leather bags are still fashionable.. I dont want to know the prices for these designer bags because it takes some chinese guy 1 day to copy them and sell them for 10% of the original price.

Dress from Givenchy couture

July 7, 2008

finally  I have found the dress  that I always have been looking for. Dont ask about the price because I dont want to know. I saw the dress from Givenchy couture at . Check out the picture in the link, it is simply gorgeous but the model wearing it could maybe smile a bit instead of looking like an angry #¤%¤.

I guess it is gonna talk a while becare I can afford this dress and therefore wait for some “copy” of that dress 🙂

Handbag and luggage freak to?

July 4, 2008

I have a disease I guess. I love shoes, handbags and luggage. It is very simple but yet cruel investing that much money in these expensice handbags. But what is good is that my handbags last forever and I keep using them over and over again.. I found a good website displaying a lot of bags

My first blog about me

July 3, 2008


recently pulled myself together and got a blog. All my friends have been pushing about doing this since I talk all the time, and maybe this is a good way to get everything on a “paper” .. I love my life and everyday is a gift  guess. with all the horror all around the world I am pretty happy living where I am with some kind of a safety net. I am constant reader of BBC and in general a lover of news I heard about the poor senator that has been away for 6 years captivity in Colombia.. poor family I would like to say..

Well enough about that and lets get down to business. I love shopping and as matter of fact I work as a mysery shopper.. you know those people that visit different shops and test the staffs help and service and stuff like that.. Sometimes I also get hired to shop around on the internet and I think I have found some good websites (of course they are good because they tricked me to buy their stuff  haha  )..

No worries I will share these hidden gems with you so you can shop cheap too 🙂