Iphone as fashion gadget?

I just read an article about Apple selling 1.000.000 Iphones in the first weekend it was relased. That is crazy, madness, call it whatever you like. the goal of Apple is to sell 10 million copies of that phone before the end of 2008, which is pretty soon i guess!!

The thing that I do not understand is why does people want to have these phones. Is it because they want it as a new gadget, show off or really using it like it should be used, intensively? I know a lot of friends that I know have stopped buying clothes because they to save money and get that freaking phone… My friend Thomas who always had the latest clothing, bags and shoes have suddenly stopped buying clothes and is putting all his energy to get these new Apple stuff.

I can only say that this is madness but you know what? I dont even have an mp3 player, ipod or whatever you want to call it and I am happy about it ..


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