Dubai and Sidney moving up on the fashion list

I just read an interesting article on yahoo showing that cities such as Sidney and Dubai are moving up on the list of most mentioned fashion cities. The top cities still dominating the list are New York, London, Milano, Paris and Rome. I knew that Milano is really important but I never figured out that Rome was so hot.

In Asia Tokyo is of course on the top of the list but is getting more challenged from Hong kong. Tokyo is on the 10th place right now slipping down from 6th place.

Here is the complete list:

1. New York (1)

2. Rome (2)

3. Paris (3)

4. Milan (5)

5. London (4)

6. Los Angeles (6)

7. Sydney (12)

8. Las Vegas (9)

9. Berlin (11)

10. Tokyo (6)

11. Hong Kong (8)

12. Dubai (24)

13. Shanghai (14)

14. Singapore (10)

15. Madrid (New)

16. Moscow (16)

17. Santiago (19)

18. Melbourne (15)

19. Stockholm (New)

20. Buenos Aires (22)

21. Johannesburg (23)

22. Mumbai (18)

23. Cape Town (New)

24. New Delhi (New)

25. Barcelona (13)

I really find it interesting that Dubai is climbing on the list but I guess it is due the amount of money spent in Dubai boosting up the interest and the position on this list. Once the people in Dubai put their minds into something they just want to be no. 1. So lets wait and see …


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